KatKit Road

KatKit Road


KatKit Aircraft Bag

The KATKIT AIRCRAFT is the lightweight tote for hairdressers.

The perfect grooming bag with first class looks, it will transport your equipment to any working or holiday destination.

Three large silver pockets will protect and store your hairdryer, curling tong and flat irons. Brushes and combs are easily visible and well organised.

The AIRCRAFT bag opens out flat to reveal a spacious transparent carrier to hold products and other cosmetic and beauty needs.

Description Colour: BLACK and TRANSPARENT with SILVER pockets Size: 32 cm X 32 cm X 11 cm Products Not Included

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Our price: $71.82
KatKit Location Bag
SKU: KatKit Location Bag

The KATKIT LOCATION is designed for all weather conditions.

Keep the sand, sea and salt from your brushes and equipment with this transparent, easy to clean carrier. With eight clear pockets you will locate colours and tools in no time.

Comes with adjustable strap to suit your length preference and Zip to close and secure cosmetics and equipment.

Description Colour: TRANSPARENT with black trim Size: 42 cm x 28cm Base: 15cm wide Outside pockets: 8 outside pockets 20cm x 8cm

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Our price: $80.91
KatKit Road Beauty Case
SKU: KatKitBeautyCase

The KATKIT ROAD is the makeup artist's every day dream bag, with a clear pouch that can hold dozens of compacts, lotions and foundations.

Three silver pouches will securely hold pencils, mascaras, nail varnish and lip glosses. The skinny insert is perfect for holding lashes, tattoo transfers and small tools such as tweezers and lash curlers. Ideal for carrying all your personal makeup and hair care.

Description Colour: TRANSPARENT with BLACK trim Size: 20 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm Inside case size: 8cm x 25cm x 5cm Products Not Included

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Our price: $44.55