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MAY 2018



Queen of Speed Hairstyling Masterclass

2 DAY WORKSHOP : Sunday + Monday 20/21 May, 2018, 10am to 4pm 

Investment : $850 for 2 days hands on plus light lunch provided


  •  Learn to use your styling tools better
  • Reduce the number of products you carry to work
  • 8 - 10 hairstyles will be shown in class
  • Learn the secret to work faster without suffering on quality. Work smarter, Not harder
  • Learn to solve thinning hair issues without hair extensions; as such increases hair volume and texture
  • Maximise hair thickness and volume by using simple tools and products.
  • Learn the secrete of the trade : pin curl, wiggle wiggle wiggle, tiger motion, perfect sectioning, safety net, perfect crown and perfect head shape
  • From image to reality
  • Use the 6/9 formula to break down and recreate the hairstyle image that your client wants
  • Hands-on class where Martha will go around to each student and give you personalised training to help you understand the new skills and technique shown

Asian Bridal Masterclass

ONE DAY WORKSHOP : Tuesday 22 May, 2018, 10am to 5pm

Investment : $450

This workshop will includes :
  • Learn the differences between Asian makeup compared to western style Asian makeup
  • Understand to use various eyelid tapes to enhance, correct, lift and create different shapes
  • What makes Asian makeup style look youthful
  • How to enhance eye shapes and make the eyes look more youthful and lifted
  • What are the most popular makeup styles asked for by Asian clients
  • What are the best colours to use on Asian clients
Business talk: 
  • How to get that before makeup photo with comfort
  • How to help your client listen to you during the process
  • Sharing tips and tricks to help you advance in your career
Hands on practice. 
You will have 2hrs to work on your model and Martha will personally go around to each of you to provide constructive criticism (not to judge), to support and encourage you. Will demonstrate how to enhace and beautify your current work
Class schedule
Schedule 1: Introduction
Schedule 2: How to turn a hobby into career.  How to make the most of every opportunity. Answer to the million money dollar question: how to get more jobs to make more money!
Schedule 3: The art of eyelid taping -  What it is? How to use it? How to hide it with makeup. What is the differences between a pre-cut already made packs and hand cut tapes. When to use and why.
Schedule 4: Makeup demonstration 
  • Eyelid enhacement technique
  • Reconstruction on eyelashes
  • Korean style glowing skin. The art of Asian youthful makeup
  • Eyelash reconstruction, using strip lashes then recreate the eye shape
  • How to make glowing youthful skin
  • What is the different between Asian makeup brands and western makeup brands
  • How to pick the best makeup colour to suit Asian skin
Schedule 5: When, how and why to use different eyelashes to show multiple looks
Schedule 6: Hands-on practice on eyelid taping and the Korean glowing skin makeup.
Schedule 7:  Q & A
Resources: Each student must bring a model to work on from 2:30pm. Students must bring their natural eyeshadow colour makeup kit, with makeup brushes, tissues, scissors, and tweezers. Natural style eyelashes, eyelash glue and basic skin care.







Upskill your services with our in house Cert IV qualified industry trainer and makeup artist, Zoe Tranter:

Zoe is available for one-on-one lessons at the Makeup and Glow Studio (Head Office, Paddington QLD)

Group bookings and/or on-location training may be requested.

Zoe's clients include Secrets Shhh Jewellery , Verge Girl, Mass Nutrition, Universal Store and Makeup & Glow, published work Ellements Magazine NY , Peppermint Magazine and YEN Mag, and has also appeared on the TODAY show.

Lessons are $295 for 2.5 hours and can be booked via

Lessons cover:

  • Equipment options, use and trouble shooting

  • Product knowledge and application

  • Advice, techniques and taylored client information

Equipment is not essential to partake in training as some can be supplied, though your existing makeup kit is encouraged.

A demo model is required by the student for the last 2 hours of training.



Kimberley Palmer is a qualified hairdresser with 25 years hands-on experience in the industry, and is also a qualified Cert IV industry trainer.

While specialising in Vintage looks and Up styling, she lends her talents to a plethora of Weddings, Formals, Special occasions and Photoshoots.

All styling techniques are current and industry relevant. Her hair training is tailored to what the client wishes to learn, starting at the basics from Hair Prep, Blow drying and Hot Tool Curling through to Up Styling. This also covers the use of Padding and Hair Extensions. You will be taught how to break down a hairstyle into manageable pieces to achieve the desired result.

Hair pins, product and padding are supplied during training, along with advice to what items you need to further your services.

A model with a medium to long hair, or a head block dolly, is required. Hot tool tongs or straighter also required. If you’re unable to supply any of these, then please advise on booking.

Kimberley is available for one-on-one lessons at the Makeup and Glow Studio (Head Office, Paddington QLD)

Costs are $295 for 2.5 hours or $395 for 3.5 hours.

Email for bookings.