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Cinema Secrets Face and Body Wax 18g

Cinema Secrets Face and Body Wax 18g

This medium-density, pliable wax is used for creating custom makeup effects, such as scars and bumps. The material is soft and easy to shape, then easily camouflaged with makeup. Special makeup classic wax! 

Soft and excellent ease of use. 
Not only professional and easy to treat anyone. 
Scars to hide scars on opposite, there are a lot of applications. 
And once in a while or use hidden woman enemy 'wrinkles' (lol) 
I'm waxing is what was originally used to restore the damage to the body. 

How to use the 

1. kneading lightly wax to soften the PuTTY such arms will continue with thin place want to scratch at a width of about 1 cm Central convex to become. 

2. use Putty to put the line of cut. To open the eggshell and scratches. 

3. painted lines in the scar line resembling blood including Red purple color lining color (optional). 

4. voila blood (optional) paint from the top! 

* Paint the LaTeX (optional) lightly from above and take less will. 
 Paint the lining color to match the color of the skin and to more realistic!  


Ingredients: petrolatum, micro wax W835, lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax, coaster Chi, propylparaben, Red No. 6, C19-02, yellow No. 5 


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